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Monday, 4 April 2016

Gran galà of skating in Turin (Italy) [With C. Kostner & E. Plushenko]

in Turin (Italy)

All the big stars of skating!!!
At the lacia Ice Gran galà of Skating, at the Olympic site of Palavela, in Turin (Italy)

Orthodox Jewish children singing, very cute

                     Rachel's Tomb watercolor of Claude Dubois
                              צבעי מים קבר רחל של קלוד דובואה   

chrysanthemum picture

                  chrysanthemum picture has oil Claude Dubois in his individual style


                                 Thinker oil Claude Dubois
                                       in his personal style

all against you

                        all against you oil Claude Dubois
   Medal of money first title Honoris Cauza LONDRES en   the 1985 festival